Strange Giant Pineapple in Tacloban Is A Mystery To Residents

by viral pick

Leyte, Philippines - A weird pineapple in Tacloban bore a giant fruit that looks like an inverted heart shape. The folks in the village are baffled and they are looking for explanations as to why the plant has such kind of fruit.

Many local residents in Tacloban, Leyte consider the rare case as something relevant to the Yolanda incident. The pineapple was reportedly planted by a young kid named Steve Nash Diaz after Super Typhoon Yolanda struck the province which left many casualties in 2013. 

It's a huge mystery to the family of the boy when the plant recently bore a giant deformed fruit. They were anticipating a fruit from the plant last year but it didn't occur.

Detailed description of the Giant Pineapple in Tacloban

Are you going to dare and eat this giant pineapple?
Are you going to dare and eat this giant pineapple?

The fruit has grown big and it's twice the size of the boy's head. This weird fruit has a wreath of spiky green leaves. Meaning, there's a ring of leaves that surrounds the major area of the pineapple fruit.

The giant pineapple is not a result of a scientific plant cross breeding because the boy himself planted the seed three years ago.




The large pineapple fruit is about to ripen but the villagers in Tacloban are hesitant to take a bite, according to reports. The farmers in the town are even waiting for someone to dare and eat the giant fruit. 

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