Why Women Celebrate No Panty Day on June 22, 2017?

by viraL picker

Men have gone crazy on Facebook over the annual No Panty Day photos and videos all over the social networking site. The event which is being celebrated every 22nd of June is taking social media by storm.

Two days ago, I've read a status on Facebook that talks about the no panty day celebration of women this June 22, 2017. I didn't personally take it seriously considering that it was the first time that I've heard the news in my entire life.

After a colleague in the office told me this topic yesterday, I became curious of no panty day 2017. I am very skeptical and I really believe that there's no such thing as no underwear day celebration. I mean, why would you go out to the streets and leave your panty indoor?

No Panty Day 2017, time when women wear no underwear at all. Ladies, are you going to join?
No Panty Day 2017, time when women wear no underwear at all. Ladies, are you going to join?

So last night I had a spare time to search the internet and look for any relevant sources that tackles this matter. I've read a blog saying that women will have no underwear for 24 hours on June 22, 2017. It also mentioned that certain group of bloggers are also encouraging women to set themselves free from bikinis. It's very funny and appears to me that these people are perverts.

There has no clear documentation as to where and when this weird celebration started. After making additional research, I found a related topic called No Pants day and no pants subway ride. This event is done in the subway system located in New York city and a lot of people really participate this event. However, the participants are still wearing their underwear and it has nothing to do with no panty day.

When I turned to Youtube to search for additional vlogs, some content creators mentioned that no particular person has been identified as the founder of No Panty Day but it remains the most discussed topic in Youtube and on the internet.

So ladies, are you going to drop your panty today and join the celebration?

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