Young Man Committed Suicide Because of Girlfriend Issues

by viral pick

A certain teenager who failed to handle the alleged girlfriend issues committed suicide and photos of him lying in a casket are circulated on the internet.

KP Mheljohn Simeon reportedly shared his plan to end up his life to a close friend who later decided to disclose the scary conversation on Facebook messenger. The screenshot of the alleged last conversation with Mheljohn is said to be authentic according to M-yap Magcuro.

Is this true or not?

A separate story surfaced online claiming that the teenager is still alive. Another person came out who firmly said that Mheljohn is already dead.

Young Man Committed Suicide Because of Girlfriend Issues

With so much contradicting statements coming from different parties, some netizens concluded that this viral story is fake. The story has too many versions and it lack solid proof to justify the case.

To some internet users, they believe that this is just a modus. They said that a group of individuals are trying to destroy the reputation of Mheljohn.

There has been so many fake death cases that became viral on Facebook in the past 10 years on Facebook. Would you think that the young man really committed suicide because of his problem with his girlfriend?

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