• Learn How to Create 2017 Year in Review Video on FacebookHave you watched your friends' Year In Review 2017 awesome videos on Facebook? It's a nice and easy way to reflect significant memories of your life on social media this year.
  • Cebu Pacific Flight 5J 461 Passengers: God is Good All The Times!Filipino plane passenger thanked God for saving her life after the traumatic plane accident she encountered at Iloilo International Airport.
  • Poor Housemaid Bonita Baran Turned Blind Due to Maltreatment, Received Punches from Abusive Filipino Employer and Was Hit Against the WallFilipina housemaid experienced a nightmare of violence while serving a family in Visayas Avenue, Quezon city. The victim was only 17 years old when she first received multiple punches and other violent treatment from her employer.